Yamaha True

With the True X series, Yamaha is certainly targeting consumers who love good music and great Home Cinema shows, but also those who love simplicity, ergonomics and versatility. Successful bet !

One of the key aspects of the True X concept is scalability. Because the Yamaha True Dolby Atmos compatible, in 4.1.2.

Hi-Fi system, Home Cinema Pack and Bluetooth speakers

It's as simple as possible by adding a wireless subwoofer, then surround speakers, also wireless. The sound reproduction then changes dimension to find in your living room all the sensations of real dark rooms. Even better, outside of Home Cinema sessions, the surrounds can be used alone like any Bluetooth speaker.

To find out everything about all the qualities of the True X series, and discover our test complete, click on the following link: Yamaha True X SR-X50A + SW-X100A + WS-X1A