Cobra TV Awards, election for Best Oled TV 2023: the why and how

Available on the Cobra TV channel for a few hours, the Cobra TV Awards video which recounts in detail the election of the Best Oled TV 2023. The event took place throughout one (long) day of the month of November, moderated by a jury of seven experts. With an almost unanimous winner in the end, and surprises…

Many of you have already reacted since the day before yesterday, the day the Cobra TV Awards video was put online, and questioned us about our participation in this adventure and our support. Without forgetting those who want us to put our work back into action, with other Oled references, Mini LED TVs, QLED TVs, video projectors, etc. Rather than answering you individually, here is simply a piece of news to explain to you the why and how of our presence in the jury responsible for electing the Best Oled TV of the year 2023.

Often requested by juries, AVCesar had always refused

Taking part in a jury to elect the best TV, the best video projector, the best speaker, the best Blu-Ray/4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, etc., AVCesar has received dozens of awards since its birth, since March 2008. proposals of this kind. Interested in the principle, the AVCesar editorial team has nevertheless always refused these requests: the protocol does not seem relevant enough to us, the measurement tools not rigorous enough, the references concerned not representative enough, the participants not competent enough... In short, none of these projects had until now seemed imbued with the professionalism required to take responsibility for the results.

Cobra TV Awards expert jury, why AVCesar said yes

When Benji from Cobra TV first told us about his wish to make a video to designate the Best Oled TV 2023 among the LG G3, the Panasonic MZ2000, the Philips OLED908, the Samsung S95C and the Sony A95L, and count AVCesar in its jury of experts, we of course asked him for many details: on the televisions selected, on the other members of the jury chosen, on the appointment procedure, on the progress of the test protocol...

First good point, the participation in this jury of experts of Cédric Louis from HC Calibration reassured us to proceed with the measurements of the TVs out of the box and once calibrated. As you probably know, he is our long-standing partner for our TV/video projector test benches on AVCesar, serving as a professional TXH, ISF and PVA certified calibrator.

The choices of Jean Antoine Lacolle (Le labo de Jay), professional colorist and director certified Dolby Vision and author of his own HDR DV videos used by the jury, of Arnaud Delattre and Nikita Poilleve of DXOMark, a recognized benchmarking company for his expertise (screens, smartphones, cameras, computers, etc.) who made his HDR10 loops and sequences available to the jury to judge the processing of the screens, continued to reassure us about the seriousness of this undertaking.

The participation of journalist/YouTuber David Nogueira, a long-time acquaintance of the editorial staff whose passion for the Tech sector is appreciated and with whom we regularly and extensively discuss audio-video products, not to mention that of the Japanese company Eizo and its reference monitor Eizo Prominence CG3146 (31'') used by the vast majority of professional post-production studios, a true justice of the peace for all image professionals (director, cinematographer, colorist …), have finally convinced us to join the election for the Best Oled TV 2023.

Eizo Prominence CG3146, professional reference monitor

Just a few more words on the Eizo Prominence CG3146 monitor, to illustrate the rigor that governed this day of all-out testing. This pro screen is a Dual LCD model (two LCD panels) Grade 1a SDR (not better in SDR) and Grade 1b HDR (impossible to do better at the time of writing these lines in HDR, and probably not for a few pairs years) with a resolution corresponding to the DCI-4K cinema standard (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) and capable of delivering 1,000 nits over the entire surface of the screen, i.e. on all pixels, without limitation in the weather. It is therefore possible to display 1,000 nits per pixel (the CG3146 has nearly nine million) for five hours straight without any risk to the screen (for the eyes, that's another story...). That is, specifications beyond the reach of any Oled/LCD monitor and only accessible to another pair of professional screens on the market. His price ? Around €30,000 excluding tax. If proof was needed of the ambition carried by the Cobra TV Awards event…

The rest, that is to say the multitude of patterns displayed, the numerous video and cinema extracts, the dozens of marks awarded, the debates between the members of the jury, the surprises for many of them, the many pizzas eaten... to finally designate the Samsung 65S95C as Oled TV 2023, you will find out by watching the Cobra TV Awards video below (or by clicking on Cobra TV Awards).