Euro 2024, finally in Ultra HD 4K?

At the beginning of August, we deplored the absence of Ultra HD 4K recording of Euro 2024 (European football championship), which will be held in Germany next year from June 14 to July 14 (see our Euro 2024 news, no Ultra HD 4K recording, it’s confirmed…). And yet… Ultra HD 4K could (should?) be in order this summer to follow your favorite football team on your UHD 4K TV.

The cause seemed understood, the initial information coming from Tim Achberger, the technical director of Sportcast, the company in charge of the production of Bundesliga matches (the German football championship), during the Sky event Sport Summit 2023, then confirmed by Karl Petermichi, the head of Austrian broadcasting, via an X's on his X account.

Euro 2024 finally captured in Ultra HD 4K

Surprise, information gleaned from a press release published at the 4K HDR Summit in Spain goes against these statements and gives us hope of enjoying this formidable competition in UHD 4K. In its communication of the day, a summary of announcements related to Spanish 4K DTT, the 4K HDR Summit cites two major sporting events which will be broadcast by RTVE in 2024, the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024 and the European Championship. Europe in Germany, i.e. Euro 2024.

Conclusion, a 4K UHD recording of Euro 2024 would therefore once again be on the agenda within UEFA. We hope to benefit from it on the channels of the TF1 and M6 groups, holder of the broadcasting rights for the 25 most beautiful posters of the European Football Championship.