Humane AI Pin, the replaced smartphone?

Without screen or applications, this new wearable connected to ChatGPT aims to replace the smartphone. Good luck ?

Already mentioned during the year and currently reserved for the American market, the AI Pin from the Humane company has just been officially launched. To summarize, it is a kind of screenless smartphone that is worn on the back of the collar and requires a paid subscription to access the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

In detail, the small rectangular object is magnetic, as is its removable battery, allowing it to be easily attached to clothing. Americans can reserve it now for $699 (delivery early 2024) but will have to pay $24 per month to make it work.

Our new jacket brain?

The Humane Subscription includes a phone number as well as access to Humane's own network, offering cloud storage and the ability to send unlimited requests to Open AI's AI model (ChatGPT). And this is the only real way to use the AI Pin since its OS called Cosmos does not use applications, but directs all your requests to the appropriate AI tools.

The device can thus write messages in your own style, summarize your email inbox, translate foreign languages live, or even list the nutritional information of dishes or foods that you show via the camera. Because the AI Pin is in fact equipped with a 13 Mpxls camera to capture photos and videos. It also has depth sensors, motion, a speaker and Bluetooth to connect to your headphones. Everything works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

ChatGPT answers all your questions like the earworm of Quality Land

In terms of interactions, the AI Pin wearable works mainly by voice, but it is also equipped with a tactile surface and detects the movement of the hands. Also note, a small projector which displays information on a nearby surface. The Trust Light magnifier lights up when the device records sound or image, to warn if it risks trampling on the privacy of others.

The AI Pin is positioned as a product in its own right, and not as yet another smartphone accessory. An ambitious statement that will require Humane to educate the public about its use if the company wants it to be successful. In any case, the characters in the book Quality Land by Marc Uwe-Kling can no longer do without it, even if they call it an “earworm” and it looks more like a kind of implant…