David Holmes: the Boy Who Lived, a documentary on the former Harry Potter stuntman

He survived a tragic accident during the filming of the seventh part of Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, David Yates) in 2009. David Holmes, experienced stuntman (his career started in the 90s) and understudy long-time life of the main actor of the saga, Daniel Radcliffe, finds himself paralyzed. Dan Harley offers a moving documentary dedicated to this new chapter in his life.

Broadcast on HBO on November 15, David Holmes: the Boy who Lived produced by Daniel Radcliffe, will be available the next day, November 16 on the Warner Pass via Prime Video. Interspersed with intimate sequences through which the resilience and courage of David Holmes command admiration, the film also goes behind the scenes of the risky profession of stuntman.

The most famous magician in cinema will talk about the great bond that has linked them since the beginning of the saga, while former members of the team, friends and even family will be unanimous on what David Holmes represents for them: a magnificent source of inspiration.