Apple Watch, blood sugar reading planned for… 2015?!

The future revolutionary blood glucose monitoring feature was supposed to be present in the very first Apple Watch launched in 2015.

Rumors have been circulating for a while about the arrival of blood sugar measurement on Apple Watch. A non-invasive process eagerly awaited by diabetics who, for the moment, have no other way to measure their blood sugar than by pricking their finger in order to collect a droplet of blood, which is placed each time on a special disposable strip, before being inserted into a glucometer.

Apple Watch and blood sugar measurement, Avolonte Health project

If we already knew that this project had been in the works since 2011, Bloomberg recently revealed new details about it. Indeed, if the file remained secret for a long time before becoming the result of rumors, it is because in 2011 Apple had secretly created a company called Avolonte Health in Palo Alto, whose sole purpose was to manufacture this blood sugar monitor.

Apple Watch and blood sugar measurement, scheduled for 2015 and delayed to 2026 at best

Objective desired by Apple: integrate this technology from the first Apple Watch marketed in 2015. Unfortunately, the functionality took more time than expected, and we are still waiting for it today. According to the latest rumors, it should arrive in 2026 at the earliest.