HDR10 in Unreal Engine, a good sign for the future of video games

The essential video game creation engine Unreal Engine recently welcomed an HDR10+ plug-in, for simplified integration of this technology in future video game productions.

After HDR10, after HDR Dolby Vision (available since last June), video game developers will be able to easily integrate HDR10+ into their productions thanks to a Plug-in recently integrated into the Unreal Engine creation engine.

Established by the company HDR10+ Technologies - co-founded by Samsung in 2018 with 20t Century Fox and Panasonic - the HDR10+ Gaming format presented in 2021 (see our news Samsung HDR10+ Gaming, HDR10 version for video games) offers a standard of image dedicated to open and royalty-free video games, offering more natural colors, greater contrast and greater brightness, for even more precise rendering of details in the darkest and brightest areas. Basically, it's about competing with Dolby Vision HDR in the “gaming” market.

The floor to Bill Mandel, co-director at HDR10+ Technologies

“We are excited to make this new Unreal Engine Plug-in available directly to studios and developers to enable faster access to HDR10+ games on certified monitors and televisions,” said Bill Mandel, Co-Director at HDR10+ Technologies . We believe this new Plug-in will help further expand HDR10+ gaming adoption in the industry.”

VRR, ALLM on the program

The HDR10+ Gaming supports VRR functionality up to 120 Hz, ALLM and automatic HDR calibration. For this last precision, this means that in the presence of an HDR10+ Gaming compatible broadcaster, the appropriate source automatically optimizes the colors (Tone Mapping) and the brightness of the video signal (particularly in dark and bright areas) to fully exploit its capabilities .

The First Descendant, first HDR10+ game

For the moment, on the hardware side, HDR10+ Gaming is supported by Samsung (Q70 and higher models since the 2022 range), certain Hisense references and nVidia Geforce RTX/GTX 16 graphics cards. Gaming consoles do not yet have HDR10+ compatibility and, in the meantime, the first video game supporting this format, The First Descendant, already mentioned in our pages, will therefore be available on PC.