Silver and Blood series by Xavier Giannoli, review and online test

Vincent Lindon and Ramzi Bedia are impressive in the series Money and Blood by Xavier Giannoli, or the hunt for small-time crooks from Belleville who have managed to siphon millions from the State. A story which had already been the subject of a documentary series on Netflix. Fiction is even more powerful.

For his first series, Xavier Giannoli (The Apparition, Lost Illusions) has a three-star cast and delivers a gripping thriller set against the backdrop of the carbon quota century scam.

Freely inspired by the investigative book on “the CO2 crooks” by Fabrice Arfi (published in 2018 by Éditions du Seuil), the series returns with many details and a disconcerting fluidity on the feats of arms of a gang crooks from Belleville who, at the end of the 2000s, embezzled public money thanks to a financial system supposed to fight against pollution…

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