The Winter King, the legend of King Arthur returns to series

The myth of King Arthur never ceases to inspire creators, the proof with this new British series with fabulous settings.

Back to the 5th century, long before the unification of Great Britain. Atmosphere of warring tribes and precarious life. It is in this context that Arthur (Iain De Caestecker) brings back to his father, King Uther (Eddie Marsan, Ray Donovan), the lifeless body of his brother who died on a battlefield. Mad with grief at having lost his only biological son, the king chases away his bastard, Arthur.

The man behind the legend

Free adaptation of a trilogy of novels by the English writer Bernard Cornwell, the series attempts to place historical fiction in more global issues (ecological, political, geopolitical) and to favor the human and intimate dimension of characters.

The Winter King season 1 also features magnificent landscapes and fabulous settings. Not to mention the pleasure of seeing Iain De Caestecker again, who played Dr. Leo Fitz in the Marvel series: Agents of SHIELD, and who here plays a completely credible Arthur Pendragon. Broadcast of the new historical series The Winter King season 1 (10 x 60 minutes) on October 24 on OCS.