Huawei Watch Ultimate Design, it is gold, my Lord

Smartwatches follow each other and are similar, so even if it means differentiating yourself from the competition, you might as well go for it frankly.

In order not to enter into head-on competition with other connected watches on the market, Huawei is launching the Huawei Watch Ultimate Design, which is characterized by an 18-carat gold finish and a 75% gold content.

Huawei Watch Ultimate Design or new Fashion Forward strategy

The watch bezel consists of six sections inlaid by hand via gold inlay technology, executed by advanced craftsmanship -dixit Huawei- in a hot ceramic mold. In short, luxury in abundance, which is part of the brand's new Fashion Forward strategy, emphasizing design for its wearables.

Huawei Watch Ultimate Design, 25,000 watch faces available

We also note an adjustable bracelet with a butterfly closure mechanism, and an exclusive dial equipped with a gold world map and a module that displays the heart rate in real time. Please note that this is a digital dial and that 25,000 others are available in the official Huawei Watch Face store.

Huawei Watch Ultimate Design, focus on sport and health

In terms of functionality, TruSeen 5.0+ technology contributes to tracking various aspects of well-being, from cardiovascular health to SpO2 (oxygen saturation) measurement. Sport is of course included with 24 activities for the professional sport mode, and compatibility with real dives up to 100 meters via four different modes (ISO 22810 waterproof standard and N13319 diving equipment standard).

Finally note two weeks of autonomy and a recharge to 25% of its capacity in just 10 minutes. Available immediately. Indicative price: 2,999.99 euros.