Odyssey 2026: the ultimate video game museum in France

The most comprehensive video game museum in the world is coming to France thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign led by Ici Japon Corp.

A minimum objective of €50,000 reached in a few minutes, €500,000 in two days and more than a million at the time of writing these lines, a phenomenal success for this participatory financing campaign which ends only at the beginning of November. The project in question is called Odyssey and it is nothing less than the most complete video game museum in the world.

A unique private collection in the world

The campaign is the initiative of entrepreneur/YouTuber Tev from the Ici Japon channel (we love it), who discovered Ludovic Charles' incredible collection some time ago, more than 2,000 pieces from the history of video games meticulously gathered over more than twenty years: limited edition consoles, untraceable games, ancestors and other Collector goodies.

Limited by space, the collector did not know if he would be able to keep these unique archives for a long time, which must still be maintained, hence the idea of a museum to both preserve these objects valuable and share it with the whole world. And the whole world will have to make the trip to Bussy-Saint-Georges in France, where the collection will be exhibited in an already reserved space of 3,500 m2.

A truly brilliant project

The museum will not be a series of showcase corridors since it is a question of displaying these works in unique and narrative settings. At the same time, a Japanese village will be built with shops and restaurants, to finance the maintenance and new features of the museum, while highlighting Japanese culture, itself associated with the history of video games. Opening planned for 2026. Consult the Kisskissbankbank page of the project for more details and possibly participate in its creation, the next levels to be reached just seem crazy...