Processor engraved in 2nm delayed, not before the iPhone 18

After inaugurating the first mobile processor engraved in 3 nm for the iPhone 15 Pro, TSMC will fall behind on the next generation.

Taiwanese processor manufacturer TSMC is already working on the next generation of 2nm chips, after launching the 3nm era with the recent iPhone 15 Pro. But while 2nm engraving was initially due to arrive in 2025, it seems that production will be delayed and postponed to 2026, according to the Taiwanese media TechNews.

The finer the engraving, the more powerful the processor

As a reminder, in the world of processors, the smaller the engraving process, the more powerful the chip, less energy intensive and less subject to heat. Indeed, the smaller the size of an engraving, the smaller the space between the transistors, so more transistors can be placed on the same surface.

1.8 nm engraving at Intel in 2025?

Due to sluggish demand, TSMC has slowed down the construction of one of its factories necessary for 2 nanometer production. A good deal for Samsung which for its part is still on the way to 2 nm engraving in 2025, and the Korean is even already planning 1.4 nm for 2027. But the short-term race could be won by Intel which plans 1.8 nm for 2025.