Amazon Echo Show 8, new generation connected screen

Amazon launches the latest version of its connected screen to control the home, the Echo Show 8.

The new generation of the Echo Show 8 connected screen (the screen has a diagonal of 8'', 20.32 cm) features a new design with edge-to-edge glass and soft curves, as well as an improved processor that allows to generate even faster responses than the previous version.

Amazon Echo Show 8 2023 model year, speed increasing

In particular, the 2023 Echo Show 8 allows the Alexa assistant to process common connected home requests locally - rather than connecting to an external server - in order to obtain responses 40% faster during requests for common tasks such as turning on the light, a switch, a lock or a connected socket.

Amazon Echo Show 8 2023 model year, audio and video quality up

The audio rendering of streaming services (Prime Video, Netflix, Molotov, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) is also improved with room adaptation technology and spatial audio processing for sound that fills the room. piece. Video calls are of better quality thanks to a centered 13 Mpxls camera, as well as an improved audio channel which reduces background noise. In terms of Smart Home compatibility, we note support for Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth and Matter.

Amazon Echo Show 8 2023 model year, improved ergonomics

Finally, a new feature allows the content of the screen to be automatically adapted depending on the user's proximity to the device, with the display becoming more and more detailed the further away you go. close.

Available. Indicative price: 169.99 euros.