Next generation Xbox: in 2028

Details on the next generation of Xbox consoles, a hybrid concept which borrows power from the Cloud, have just appeared in the columns of our American colleague The Verge.

In addition to the new Xbox Series S/X for next year (we'll tell you about them in detail, click), recent leaks as part of the investigation into the acquisition of Activision/Blizzard by Microsoft include other juicy details, notably regarding the console which will succeed the current generation.

Xbox 2028, hybrid device linked to xCloud?

The file in question dates from May 2022. Microsoft's projects may therefore have evolved in another direction since then, or not. Named “The next generation of gaming at Microsoft”, this document describes the Xbox that the company wants to launch in 2028: a hybrid device, capable of increasing the experience tenfold by combining its power with data from its xCloud platform.

Xbox 2028, portable console in the shape of a controller?

The device could be sold at a low price - below $99 - and would be portable, for example taking the form of a simple controller. Microsoft indicates that it wants to integrate an AMD Navi 5 chip (we are currently only at Navi 3), as well as an NPU, a processor dedicated to AI to manage the resolution, latency, refresh rate , etc.

Xbox 2028, development kits planned for 2027

Note that Microsoft has more or less already tested this type of technology with the game Flight SImulator, which retrieves data from the Cloud to offload the processor of the Xbox or PC. Still according to this document, the design phase of the device will start in 2024, the first development kits will be delivered in 2027, and the first hybrid games will be developed between 2024 and 2026. Source: The Verge