Lifeforce: the cult film by Tobe Hooper soon in 4K Ultra HD

London. Three hibernating specimens are brought back from a space expedition to Comet Halley. When they wake up, the population discovers that it is a very particular species of vampire which absorbs their vital energy rather than sucking their blood.

After directing the cult Poltergeist (1982) with Steven Spielberg on the screenplay, Tobe Hooper brought Colin Wilson's novel, Space Vampires, to the screen in 1985.

Mathilda May in a Tobe Hooper B series

Halfway between science fiction and fantasy, Lifeforce the Evil Star joins the nice list of B series designed with few resources but crazy energy as well as formidable ideas. Mathilda May, just 19 years old at the time of filming, took her first steps in the cinema in the role of the disturbing alien.

Announced on November 21 by Sidonis Calysta, the Collector's box set includes the cinema version in 4K Ultra HD of the film and the Director's Cut version on Blu-Ray. Offered in English DTS-HD 5.1 and French DTS-HD 2.0, with French subtitles, in 2.35 aspect ratio. Included, a new booklet written by specialist and film buff Marc Toullec. Indicative price: 29.99 euros.