Philips OLED908 TV, clever new remote control with fewer buttons but all the keys……

The manufacturer Philips presented in more detail its new audio and video products for the end of 2023 with, among other things, the new remote control for the Phillips OLED908 TV series. On the menu, improved ergonomics with significantly fewer buttons but still all the numeric keys available... Explanations.

For this new remote control for OLED908 televisions, the Philips teams based themselves on several million requests from users of their Smart TV on their zappette. This is to establish a classification of the most frequently used keys in order to keep them, and to “eliminate” those ignored by consumers.

The problem of the 10 numeric keys, although they are widely used…

Unsurprisingly, the On/Off key came at the top of this ranking, followed closely by the Program+/Program- key, then the Volume+/Volume- key, etc. A problem quickly emerged, linked to the number keys on the remote controls, keys marked 1 to 0, allowing direct access to a desired channel. Unsurprisingly, the numeric keypad found itself in a good position in the Philips rankings even though it has ten keys, no less. Dilemma... Should we favor at all costs the simplification of the new remote control by removing them or should we preserve these buttons, essential for example for subscribers to a satellite offer generally comprising several hundred channels?

Day/night, day/night… for the number keys

The engineers solved the problem with a very clever idea, ultimately as simple as pie. By pressing the key marked with the symbol 123, to the right of the Mute key, the previously invisible number keys appear backlit for a few seconds (see photo below). You just had to think about it…