JVC DLA-NZ7/NZ8/NZ9 and JVC DLA-NP5, New Firmware Frame Adapt HDR

After an important first Firmware update for its JVC DLA-NZ9, JVC DLA-NZ8, JVC DLA-NZ7 and JVC DLA-NP5 models, which appeared in mid-November 2022, the Japanese manufacturer is announcing another, notably for the Frame Adapt HDR Generation 2 feature.

Free and announced for mid-November on the brand's website, this software update concerns owners of a JVC DLA-25LTD, JVC DLA-NZ9/DLA-RS4100, JVC DLA-NZ8/DLA- video projector RS3100, JVC DLA-NZ7/DLA-RS2100 and JVC DLA-NP5/DLA-RS1100.

New Frame Adapt HDR Generation 2 function

The second generation of the Frame Adapt HDR function, which allows the analysis of an HDR10 video signal frame by frame or by scene to perform optimal Tone Mapping, will offer a more precise result and increased relief. The algorithm has been revised to remove peak white information in high brightness areas of the image to restore texture, without loss of color. Likewise, the Frame Adapt HDR Generation 2 process displays a brighter 3D image.

New incremental adjustment from 1 to 100 of the light source

For video projectors incorporating a Blu-Escent laser light source, i.e. references JVC DLA-25LTD, JVC DLA-NZ9/DLA-RS4100, JVC DLA-NZ8/DLA-RS3100 and JVC DLA-NZ7/DLA-RS2100, the new Firmware will allow much finer adjustment of the latter, over 100 levels (from 1% to 100%) instead of 3 previously. This will make calibrators happy...

New save settings on USB key

Finally, the next Firmware update will offer the possibility of saving the video projector's parameters on a USB key, to recover its settings in the event of incorrect manipulation.