She steals an iPhone in “Mother’s” Teeth mode

The anti-theft cable of this iPhone in an Apple Store in China did not resist the bite of a determined thief.

At the end of August and beginning of September, a woman was arrested in Fujian province in China after stealing an iPhone 14 Plus from an Apple Store. So far nothing incredible, unless we look at how the smartphone was stolen.

She steals an iPhone… with her teeth

In fact, the demonstration devices in Apple Stores are attached to a cable to avoid being stolen. The woman therefore simply chewed the cable until she cut it, in order to separate the iPhone from its Apple Store. This is called determination. However, after noticing the disappearance of the device, the employees called the police, who caught the thief with the steel tails half an hour later.

To justify her action, the woman explained that She intended to buy the iPhone, but when she saw its price (7,000 yuan or almost €900), she preferred to steal it. Logic. Source: South China Morning Post