Password sharing hunt, it still works for Netflix

After a peak in subscriptions following the entry into force of paid password sharing for its users, this policy seems to be profitable for Netflix.

The Antenna firm, which keeps tabs on the daily number of new Netflix members in the United States, noticed a record peak in subscriptions over the four days following May 23. As a reminder, on this date, Netflix sent a message to its users warning them that they would now have to pay to share their subscription with a person outside the household, a practice previously tolerated or even encouraged by the platform.

A word to Brendan Brady from Antenna

Did the positive trend for Netflix continue afterward? “In a word, yes,” says Antenna’s Brendan Brady. In July 2023, the market research organization observed 2.6 million additional subscribers, a high figure for this time of year. Note that 23% of these subscriptions concern the new option with advertising, i.e. 4% better than in June, and the highest figure observed since the launch of this offer last November.