IFA 23 > TCL The Cinema Wall, Micro LED TV 163'' (414 cm)

In addition to a multitude of giant televisions, as in 2022 we find on the stand of the manufacturer TCL a Micro LED screen called The Cinema Wall with a diagonal of 163'' (414 cm), technological showcase of the brand, which prefigures the broadcasters of tomorrow.

Even if the time of Micro LED TVs has not yet arrived, manufacturers are working hard to improve manufacturing processes, today the main obstacle to the democratization of these broadcasters. And major international meetings are an opportunity for them to demonstrate their progress in this area. This is the case of TCL which presents an evolution of The Cinema Wall exhibited in 2022 (see our IFA 22 news > TCL The Cinema Wall, Micro LED TV 136'' (345 cm), with a 163'' specimen in 2023 (414 cm).

TV TCL Micro LED consumer, distant horizon…

And if specifications for this screen are available (Ultra definition HD 4K, light peak of 1,700 nits, HDR Dolby Vision compatibility, etc.), it is more for form than for substance. Indeed, by the general public advent of Micro LED technology, they will not be for most of them no longer relevant. In any case, the question relating to Micro LED at TCL that we asked ourselves last year at the IFA show in Berlin 2022, namely on the brand's desire to market, like Samsung, a series of suitable TVs (on order therefore at stratospheric prices) has since found an answer: it is essentially a question of setting a date for the future of the TV market and of unveiling various prototypes regularly to illustrate the technical advances in the technical process.