Try the Galaxy Z Fold… on two iPhones!

Interesting idea from Samsung - bordering on trolling? - to experiment with the interface of the foldable Galaxy Z Fold on two iPhones placed side by side.

Samsung has a habit of promoting its smartphones by making fun of the iPhone, its biggest competitor. And with this new idea - which reminds us that Apple still does not have a foldable mobile - it is difficult to assess the level of impertinence of the Korean manufacturer. So read and judge for yourself.

2 iPhone to simulate 1 Galaxy Z Fold 5

Indeed, Samsung recently updated its “Try Galaxy” site, now allowing you to simulate the large unfolded screen of the Galaxy Z Fold, by positioning two iPhones side-by-side. Concretely, it is a question of downloading a web app on each of the Apple mobiles, which allows synchronization of the two screens. You can then watch a demo video and try out some features that take advantage of the bigger screen, like a little game of Air Hockey. Enough to convince iPhone consumers to switch to "the enemy"?