PlayStation 5 Pro, will it look like this? (video)

An upgraded PlayStation 5 could arrive next year, and already indie designers are imagining what it might look like.

Rather accustomed to slightly crazy smartphones but having nevertheless already cracked a hypothetical portable PlayStation, the YouTube channel Technizo Concept is putting its talent and imagination at the service of a PlayStation 5 Pro this time.

PlayStation 5 Pro, after the rumored form on the bottom…

Evolution of the current PS5, and like the PS4 Pro, this version will benefit from technical improvements that will make the visual experience even better. Here are its supposed characteristics, recently "leaked" by RedGaming Tech:• Exclusive custom APU manufactured by the founder TSMC (5 nm or even 4 nm engraving)

• 8 cores based on the AMD Ryzen 7000 architecture ( Zen 4)

• Integrated GPU 30 WGP (Work Group Processors therefore potentially 60 computing units against 36 on the PS5) • iGPU potentially based on the RDNA 3 or RDNA 3.5 architecture • APU expected up to 96 ROP ( 50% faster than PS5)

• 3.6GHz CPU and 2.7GHz GPU

• 16GB GDDR6 memory

• Enhanced built-in NVMe SSD capabilities

Sound release for 2024.