Apple Watch stripped down and transformed into… a mechanical watch!

Some make new with old, others make old with new. Video explanations.

In an extreme outburst of recycling, Jack Spiggle of the YouTube channel NanoRobotGeek got it into his head to transform an Apple Watch into a classic analog watch. An approach that could be interpreted as a snub to the trend that sees the Swiss watch industry crushed by connected watches, but which is more a demonstration of talent in the service of an inevitable recycling.

Apple Watch first generation transformed into a mechanical watch

Indeed, Spiggle first reverse-engineered a first-generation Apple Watch, notorious for its low battery, which renders most of the models still in circulation useless (Apple stopped selling them in 2020). He then bought spare parts of mechanical watches on Ebay, then carefully modified and assembled them to fit them into the casing of the Apple Watch.

Digital Crown wheel always present and useful…

The 25-minute video below details the high-precision process, allowing you to appreciate the work that traditional watchmaking requires. Note that the handyman kept the button and the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch, allowing the time to be set.