DreamGenerator: the AI camera that "pimps" your photos

With the DreamGenerator, you no longer need to go through complicated software to transform your photos with artificial intelligence processing…

After the 100% artificial intelligence (AI) lensless camera, here is its little brother, a little less mystical but just as interesting. Product designer at Snapchat, Kyle Goodrich designed this prototype camera which immediately transforms an image captured by you, through around thirty predefined themes (medieval, space, hell, paradise…).

DreamGenerator, the APN with integrated Stable Diffusion and ControlNet

Named DreamGenerator, the device effectively provides a simplified and shortened way to edit your images, rather than spending time processing them yourself on AI software like Stable Diffusion and ControlNet. Moreover DreamGenerator uses these two programs, but with the sole involvement of the photographer to point his camera and click (see photo below).

DreamGenerator, the APN with integrated automatic photo editing

The essential characteristics of the photo are retained, such as the angle of view, the posture of the subjects and their attitude, but the rest of the aspect is modified, for example a car (cf. first photo above) whose the model changes or clothes from another time. If all this can be done in several steps with computer software and even mobile applications, Goodrich has above all sought to simplify and automate the process to make it even more accessible.