Apple TV 4K Spatial Audio, on two pairs of AirPods simultaneously

Interesting new feature that should arrive on Apple TV 4K boxes via the tvOS17 update scheduled for the start of the school year.

Following the Apple WWDC conference last June, we listed some new features that will arrive next September on Apple TV boxes with the tvOS17 update. A user of the beta version of this system, our eminent colleague Ramus Larsen from the Flatpanelshd site recently unearthed an additional option that should delight fans of immersive audio on Apple TV 4K (see photo below).

Spatial Audio on two pairs of AirPods simultaneously

Previously limited to a single user equipped with AirPods, the Spatial Audio function will be able to be shared by two viewers simultaneously with tvOS17, each equipped with compatible AirPods or Beats headphones. As a reminder, the Audio Spatial function simulates an immersive and dynamic 3D sound field from a 5.1, 7.1 or Dolby Atmos audio source, which can be found in particular on applications such as Apple TV or Netflix.

Audio Spatial on two pairs of AirPods but without Head Tracking

Note however a limitation: no automatic tracking of the movement of the head (Head Tracking) to hear the voices coming from the position of the television. Only “fixed” mode is available. Interesting option nevertheless to be able to take advantage of this immersive rendering in duo rather than solo.