New Nintendo console next year?

Tongue out on Chinese production lines, predicting the arrival of a successor to Nintendo's Switch console in 2024.

Nintendo has of course still not announced a new console that will succeed the ultra popular Switch, but apparently it won't be long.

New Nintendo Switch in 2024 leaked from a supplier?

In its latest financial report, the Chinese company PixArt reveals that it will supply components for a new console to be released in 2024, coming from a Japanese manufacturer which has not launched a new machine for years. On the one hand, PixArt provides the chip for the JoyCon controllers of the Nintendo Switch, on the other hand Japan only counts Sony and Nintendo as console manufacturers, and only Nintendo corresponds to the description given by PixArt. No need to be a genius therefore to understand that it is a new Nintendo console in question, even if the brand is not mentioned, confidentiality agreement obliges.

It would therefore be in 2024 that this new machine will be released, and to be more precise it will not arrive before April, according to Nintendo itself. Source: MoneyDJ via NotebookCheck)