Apple Vision Pro development kits, they are here

Third-party developers will be able to start programming their apps on the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

In mid-July, Apple launched the first background programs for its Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which manage functions of the device invisible to the user, such as updating the battery which will be used for the test versions intended for the developers.

Apple Vision Pro, SDKs Delivered to Developers

In addition, Apple had announced on its developer site that development kits for external studios would begin to be provided before the end of July, and it's done. These kits allow developers to program their creations and test them directly on the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro, compatibility assessment tool for existing applications

In addition to this kit and other developer tools, Apple will offer compatibility assessments for existing apps (iPad apps work directly on the headset) as well as the opportunity to visit Vision Pro labs that will offer demonstrations of visionOS‌‌ apps, iPadOS, and iOS running on Apple headphones.