Netflix on Apple Vision Pro, but…

If Netflix will be available on the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, it will not be with the same level of involvement as other competitors like Disney+. Explanations.

In his latest weekly newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claims that Netflix has no plans to develop a native version of its app for the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. In other words, it is the iPad application that will run on the device, and not a dedicated version taking advantage of the specificities of the headset.

Apple and Netflix, complicated relationships…

Not surprising a priori when you know that few companies have yet committed to developing specifically for the Apple Vision Pro, with the notable exception of Disney with the Disney+ application. However, it should also be remembered that this is not the great love between Netflix and Apple. Indeed, the streaming giant is one of the biggest companies to have refused the AppStore's in-app purchase system so as not to have to pay a commission to Apple.

Dedicated applications Apple Vision Pro, market too niche?

Additionally, the Netflix iPad and iOS apps are not AirPlay compatible and you cannot subscribe through the Other Channels option via Apple TV. Let's also add that if many companies hesitate to launch themselves on the Apple headset, it is because they are aware that its success will initially be limited, given its launch price (3,500 dollars).