Samsung TQ77S89C, TV White Oled 77'' (196 cm) approaching

After the White Oled Samsung TQ83S90C (83'', 211 cm) television was marketed in the United States a few weeks ago, the Korean press informed us of the upcoming arrival of the Samsung TQ77S89C, also structured from a White Oled panel by LG Display.

If the supply to Samsung of 83'' (211 cm) White Oled panels produced by LG Display was understood, it was also suspected that these would quickly be accompanied by a 77'' (196 cm) specimen, see our news First White Oled TV LG Display panels delivered to Samsung from the end of June 2023).

TV White Oled Samsung KQ77SC89A

According to the information published a few hours ago by our Korean colleagues from, this is already the case since the Korean manufacturer has registered the Samsung KQ77SC89A reference with the National Radio Research Agency. Given the short lapse of time between the registration of the Samsung TQ83S90C television and its availability in the United States, the Samsung KQ77SC89A (and its American reference equivalent) should quickly appear in the Samsung USA catalog. Before, we hope, its marketing in Europe. It now remains to be seen how the Samsung Oled TV range will be structured with the addition of this reference. At least the 77'' White Oled obedience is distinct from the S90C series which already has a 77'' QD Oled model, the Samsung TQ77S90C. Confusion is already in place with the Samsung TQ83S90C White Oled TV coming to top the QD OLED S90C TV series, we avoid the worst by distinguishing the White Oled 77S89C screen from other broadcasters with the same QD Oled diagonal (77S90C and 77S95C).

No doubt this television will be present on the stand of the Asian firm at the next IFA show in Berlin at the end of August/beginning of September where the team will of course be present.