Christopher Nolan, from the Bomb to James Bond?

In full promotion of Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan takes the opportunity to position himself as a candidate for the realization of a James Bond. We would love to.

When asked about the rest of his career, Nolan specifies that he no longer wants to make a superhero film and that he would refuse a Star Wars film if it was offered to him. However, as an absolute James Bond fan, he would be tempted to stage a future adventure of the British spy.

Goal “something new”

He adds: “The influence of the James Bond films in my filmography is completely obvious. It would be a fantastic privilege for me to be entrusted with directing a James Bond. At the same time, when you take on a character of this caliber, you must accept a certain number of constraints. This must be the right time in your creative journey where you can express your intentions and really work, dig to bring out something new with these constraints by making them your own. You don't want to have this privilege and do it badly”.

James "Bomb"

Before concluding: “You would really have to be essential and desired to bring all of what you bring to the character. If not, I would still be very happy to be the first on the starting line to see what they do with it”. To be continued, the ball is the camp of producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. Source: Deadline