Foldable smartphones, the rise in sales continues

Still confined to a niche sector, the foldable screen smartphone is selling more and more, despite a significantly declining smartphone market.

According to analysts from Counterpoint Research, 2.5 million foldable screen smartphones were distributed worldwide in the first quarter of 2023, an increase of 64% compared to the same period last year. Note that at the same time, the smartphone market as a whole experienced a decline of 14.2%, a dichotomy that illustrates the enthusiasm of consumers for this relatively new sector.

China, Eldorado of the foldable smartphone

Almost all major regions experienced significant growth, notably Europe and the United States, but it was mainly in China that the foldable was deployed: 1.08 million units sold, or 117% of growth (see illustration above) for a decline in the smartphone in general of 8%.

The floor of Woojin Woojin His analyst at Counterpoint Research

“In China, new foldable products such as the Oppo N2 and N2 Flip have been launched to great fanfare,” says Woojin Son analyst at Counterpoint. These major launches constantly arouse the interest of the market. Therefore, Chinese consumers have become more familiar with foldable products compared to other regions."