“Portable” PS5, aka Project Q, expected to be under $300

A relatively official leak gives an idea of the price at which the next portable streaming console PlayStation, aka Project Q, will be sold.

As you probably know, Microsoft has been trying for some time to buy the huge publisher/developer Activision/Blizzard, a transaction that will only be made with the approval of the national anti-monopoly commissions of countries around the world. This means an unpacking of internal documents, made public for review, and therefore juicy details that gleefully leak, as we've reported a few times already.

Sony PS5 “portable” Project Q console price at $300?

Even Sony's secrets are revealed, the company being directly concerned by the competition of this merger, potentially unfair. Thus, as part of the review of the project by the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission), we learn that Sony's new "portable" console - or Project Q - allowing PlayStation 5 games to be streamed via Wi-Fi, will be sold for less than 300 dollars.

Sony PS5 "portable" Project Q, what specifications for a high price?

A price a priori high for a machine with limited functionality, and which therefore suggests that it will be equipped with powerful features, such as an OLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate, or a battery with a comfortable capacity.