iPhone or Android, who are the most loyal users?

How brand loyal are Americans when it's time to switch smartphones?

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) recently assessed the loyalty of smartphone users for one brand or another, by studying their behavior when it comes to buying a new model to replace the one they already have.

The most loyal Apple users

It shows that -regardless of their camp- the users are mainly loyal, since more than 90% of them turn to their favorite brand when renewing their terminal. However, iPhone owners are a little more -94%- than their Android counterparts who remain loyal to them at 91%.

Android defectors outnumber Apple

It also appears that it is easier for Apple to attract Android users, while it is less the case in the other direction. Thus, over the last twelve months, 14% of iPhone buyers were previously on Android, while the reverse migration amounts to only 4% (see illustration above).