Oled market 2023: -7% in value, the worst to come for TVs

The latest report from the research firm DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultant) on the Oled market 2023 has just been published. And if he predicts a sluggish 2023 for all segments of the Oled market, the TV and PC categories should experience a dark year.

The year 2022 has seen an extremely rapid macroeconomic turnaround with growth at or near a standstill following the Russian-Ukrainian war, with the conjunction of the return of galloping inflation and extreme consumer caution -nothing more logical in troubled times, which has resulted in a significant decline in the TV market (see our TV Market 2022 news, from decline to decline). And if 2023 was again expected to fall (see our TV Market 2023 news, new year expected to fall, etc.), the Oled market situation should be particularly harsh.

Oled market 2023, value down -7%

The DSCC firm indicates that shipments of Oled screens, in all directions, should fall by -7% in value in 2023, to 38.9 billion dollars, for a very slight increase in volume of 1%. By studying the forecasts signed DSCC more closely, the situation appears to be very contrasting depending on the Oled market segments. If those of virtual/augmented reality, monitors, tablets and “automotive” (screens embedded in cars) are expected to grow, their respective relatively low overall weight would not allow the OLED market to switch to the green. .

Oled market 2023, contrasting situation according to the categories

Indeed, the smartphone segment, which should represent 79% of units sold and overall revenues of the Oled sector, is expected to fall by 5% in value (but up by 4% in volume). The same applies to the connected watch market, whose weight in the Oled market should stand at 14% of units sold, compared to 16% last year, and 6% of revenues. Much more problematic, the market for computers with OLED screens is expected to fall by 20% in value and 15% in volume.

Oled TV market 2023, dark year expected

But the heaviest price paid to the unfavorable economic situation expected in 2023 concerns the OLED TV market. The DSCC report predicts a 29% drop in sales, the same for the associated drop in revenue. This is a disastrous situation for the main players in this market, led by LG Display, which should represent 81% of screens manufactured in 2023 and 76% of revenues generated in a strongly bearish market. This further reinforces the statements of some Asian financial analysts about the win/win agreement (even vital for LG Display…) signed between LG Display and Samsung Electronics for the years to come (see our news Oled Samsung TV Agreement/ LG Display 2024-2026, it's signed!).