PS5 games are coming via cloud streaming

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will soon be able to stream PS5 games directly to their console and other compatible devices, without downloading them.

Sony is testing a new function on PlayStation 5, the ability to play PS5 games via Cloud, without downloading them first, on the console of course but also compatible devices such as PCs, Macs, iPhones and devices android.

PS5 Cloud games, option only for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers

This option will be available to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, but it is not yet known if it will work with Sony's future "portable console". An interesting announcement, especially since it comes a few days after the president of Sony spoke about the technical difficulties that still had to be overcome before the cloud was viable.

Voice over to Nick Maguire, VP Global Store Services PlayStation

“We think it's important for Premium members to be able to enjoy as many games as possible via cloud streaming,” said Nick Maguire, Vice President, Global Store Services PlayStation. As more and more games continue to release on the PS5 console, we look forward to adding the ability to cloud stream PS5 titles in addition to the PS3, PS4, and classic titles that are already available for members to stream. Premium. We're still in the early stages of this feature, and we look forward to sharing more details with you when we're ready, especially a launch window. »