Virtual and augmented reality, market still and always in the making...

Estimates for the next three years still do not foresee an explosion of public love for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Apple recently announced its Vision Pro mixed reality headset (planned to launch in early 2024), Meta will release its Quest 3 in the fall, and Sony launched its PSVR 2 earlier this year. Big names in the industry, impressive technologies, but the public is still not won over.

Virtual/augmented reality market, depressed and depressing forecasts

According to Statista's estimates, growth projections to 2027 for the VR/AR market are not sufficient to proclaim mixed reality as the platform of the future. Thus in 2023, there would be 98 million users of VR headsets in the world, and 23 million of AR headsets. In 2027, these figures would show around 135 million for VR and around 105 million for AR, which is still very (very!) far from the billions of smartphone users around the world.