Virtual reality in the car by Meta, why not!

Meta and BMW are teaming up to make VR work in the car, because wearing a VR headset in traffic is exactly what we've been missing.

“People often ask me if they can use the Quest (VR headset) in the car,” Meta President Mark Zuckerberg said when he wasn't kicking ass during a brazilian jiu jitsu tournament. An optimistic statement, knowing that the public has not yet flocked to living room virtual reality (VR) in droves.

BMW and Meta, partners in VR and AR

Anyway, Meta is seriously working on VR and Augmented Reality (AR) in cars, with neither more nor less than car manufacturer BMW as a partner. Indeed, displaying virtual elements superimposed on a fast-moving environment is still a challenge, but the two companies have recently presented encouraging advances on the subject.

Virtual content superimposed on reality in the line of sight

Thus, they combined the data collected by the inertial motion sensor of a BMW vehicle with the tracking system of a pair of AR glasses from Meta, for a result stable enough to allow a Meta Quest helmet Pro to operate in a moving car. In the future, the system can be used to display virtual content superimposed on reality, such as important place names and other points of interest.