Bulle Acoustique Fnac, to discover and experience all the emotions of music

Two Fnac stores -in Paris Forum des Halles and Bordeaux- host an immersive space to test the best speakers, mainly active and connected models, in ideal acoustic conditions.

The Fnac stores in Paris Forum des Halles and Bordeaux Sainte-Catherine are hosting the "Acoustic Bubble", an immersive place to discover, listen to and compare the latest connected audio solutions, in optimal conditions.

Bulle Acoustique Fnac/Darty, new and successful concept

Mean by that a space totally isolated from the rest of the store but largely glazed and therefore visible to all, acoustically treated with, for example, curved walls, basstrap modules occupying one of the sides of the room, a particular configuration of the arcuate speakers preserving the distance between each pair (several dozen are present) and an always perfect listening position. Developed in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Travers - Franco-American architect designer, expert in international brand development and founder of the design office TING-IDBD - the concept of the "Acoustic Bubble" offers a sound rendering worthy of a auditorium -maximum transparency and sound neutrality- in order to discover, enjoy, compare each loudspeaker to the best of its abilities.

Bulle Acoustique Fnac/Darty, the best of music

Namely, at the time of writing these lines, twenty-two brands are present within Les Bulles Acoustiques: Focal, Cabasse, Kef, Dynaudio, Bowers & Wilkins, Naim, Denon, Marantz, Hegel, Audio-Technica , Sennheiser, Audioquest, Chord Electronics, Cambridge, Meze Audio, Grado, Ifi Audio, Pro-ject, Roon, Qobuz, LG and Panasonic. Of course, this list is bound to evolve according to the new products to come from the brands, but believe us, the current selection already makes it possible to meet all the expectations, or almost, of music lovers and, above all, of non-professionals. Indeed, unlike the previous generations, the over 40s/45s to sum up, the younger generations (the under 40s, therefore) grew up mainly with MP3 technology. Very interesting in various aspects (nomadic, low file size adapted to popular storage solutions in the 90s and 2000s, and even 2010), it has the huge disadvantage of not paying tribute to artists, music creators, performers … the fault of a noticeably degraded sound quality. Today, it is possible to enjoy the best sound quality, up to Studio Master quality (that of recording studios), at home or on the move through an audio player, a local or remote server, or even a subscription to a streaming service.

Bulle Acoustique Fnac/Darty, an experience to live

There are therefore many avid consumers of music who are satisfied with little, without ever having experienced Hi-Fi sound reproduction. a musical emotion. We know some for whom this session was a real revelation... In short, for once a concept signed by a musical sign makes things move in the right direction, without only mercantile goal, it must be underlined on the one hand, on the other hand enjoy it. Accustomed to sound configurations of all kinds, among the most sophisticated, and over-equipped at home, your servant never sulks his pleasure and does not hesitate to push the door of the Acoustic Bubble of Paris, or Bordeaux, each time. let the opportunity arise. Fnac sellers are always quick to make you listen to the piece(s) requested. Do the same, you won't regret it.

The floor to Stéphane Gissy, Fnac Darty Hi-Fi product manager

"As a leading brand in the music and technological equipment market, we have sought to develop an innovative and original concept, making it possible to meet the requirements of our customers looking for premium audio systems, while meeting to our prescription target in the audio sector, says Stéphane Gissy, Hi-Fi product manager at Fnac Darty. With Les Bulles Acoustiques, we want to present the best technologies on the market, in optimal listening conditions associated with the expert support that has made the reputation of the Fnac brand for many years.”

The word to Jean-Pierre Travers, architect designer

"Having developed many concepts of commercial spaces in more than 60 countries, particularly in the world of audio, I quickly realized that the Fnac project had no equivalent in France or in the world, says Jean-Pierre Travers. I wanted to create a warm space, both intimate and very accessible, centered on an audience looking for the unequaled pleasure of listening to high-end music.”