IA: what do the French think? (and the rest of the world)

Before artificial intelligence became an essential subject, what was the opinion of the inhabitants of each country on the subject?

Since the beginning of the year, not a week has gone by without artificial intelligence (AI) being talked about, and it will soon be essential in the technologies of tomorrow (unless it's already the case…).

AI survey of 19,000 people in 28 countries by Visual Capitalist

The infographic below by Visual Capitalist is based on a survey published in early 2022 by the Ipsos institute, around a year before AI was on everyone's mind, in particular via programs such as ChatGPT, DALL-E , and Midjourney. Participants are asked their opinion on the potential of AI, with a panel of more than 19,000 respondents aged 18 to 74, spread over 28 countries.

Differentiated appreciation of AI according to rich or developing countries

Note that the survey also includes the GDP of each country, showing that the richest and Western populations are more skeptical of AI than developing countries. Thus, when the survey states: "Products and services using artificial intelligence have more advantages than disadvantages", the country most in line with this statement is China at 78%, followed by Saudi Arabia. (76%) and India (71%). France is in… last position with only 25%.

France, the most skeptical country about the benefits of AI

To most of these kinds of statements, for example: "Products and services using artificial intelligence make my life easier", China and Saudi Arabia are systematically the countries most in agreement, and France almost always in the last. Now, it would be interesting to know how these results have evolved since AI became a daily topic of conversation.