Free streaming, turnover multiplied by 3 by 2028

According to the analysis and market research firm Digital TV Research, free video streaming platforms, supported by advertising, will a priori convince more and more users and generate a lot of money.

According to the latest estimates from Digital TV Research, the turnover of TV series and films broadcast by free streaming services supported by advertising (or FAST, for Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) will reach 18 billion dollars in 2028, i.e. triple the turnover generated in 2022, 6 billion dollars.

FAST market, USA still leading in 2028

The United States will contribute 55% of revenue in 2028, compared to 67% in 2022, revealing the growth of this market in the world. These same United States will see the weight of this sector increase by 6 billion of the world turnover, that is to say half of the new incomes.

The floor to Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research

“The FAST market will remain fragmented by platform,” said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research. Pluto-TV, Roku Channel and Samsung TV Plus will account for half of the global total by 2028”. Pluto TV continues its international expansion, with a turnover that will reach 4.2 billion in 2028, four times more than the 1.1 billion achieved in 2022.