How to stop Netflix from canceling your favorite series…

Knowing Netflix's tendency to cancel shows after just one or two seasons, thousands of fans have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Sense8, First Kill, Warrior Nun, Inside Job, or even Cowboy Bebop, Netflix does not hesitate to cancel its original series after only one or two seasons, if the audience figures are not satisfactory.

Up to watching a series 60 times to avoid its cancellation by Netflix…

To try to prevent it, some fans are trying something pretty crazy: getting together to watch their series in danger ad nauseam, just to inflate the hours of viewing. More specifically, it is the Shadow and Bone series that is concerned. Indeed, according to the "leaker" Michael Scully, the future of the series will depend on the audience on the first 28 days of broadcast of its second season, launched only a few weeks ago. A group of fans on reddit - more than 24,000 members - took the threat seriously, and decided to watch the episodes several times, in the hope that the series would not be cancelled. Some of them say they watch the same episode five times in a week, and one viewer even admits to having watched the series at least sixty times (!).

It remains to be seen whether this novel strategy will pay off… Source: Rolling Stone