PS5 Pro in 2024, is it clear?

The first development kits of the hypothetical improved version of the PlayStation 5 Pro would soon be in the hands of video game studios.

Last March, well-informed leaker Tom Henderson claimed that a PS5 Pro is well under development with a launch in late 2024 in sight.

PS5 Pro at the developers in a few months

Since then, some details given by Henderson have been contradicted by other sources, but the journalist recently re-confirmed the existence of the device in Sony's labs. Based on his sources, he assures 100% that the PlayStation 5 Pro is currently in development, but he warns however that Sony reserves the right to cancel it at any time. Even better, the first prototype development kits would be sent to Sony's development studios (the so-called "first-party-") in the coming months, and to third-party developers by the end of the year.