iPhone 15 Pro Max, future boss on the camera side?

Thanks to a new Sony sensor, Apple's next high-end smartphone could deal a serious blow to the competition when it comes to shooting.

Apple is not in the megapixel race when it comes to the iPhone, knowing that it took seven years to integrate a 48 Mpxls specimen for the main sensor of its smartphone. There are indeed many other factors than the number of pixels to improve the quality of the shots.

New Sony IMX903 1/1.14'' sensor in iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Thus, according to the latest indiscretions gathered by the reputable reliable Ice Universe, the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra, we don't know yet) will be equipped with a new Sony IMX903 1/1.14'' sensor. For comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is equipped with a smaller Sony IMX803 (1/1.28''). An increased size means more light on the photosites so more details captured, less noise, and a wider dynamic range.

iPhone 15 Pro Max, exceptional photo capabilities?

According to Ice Universe, this sensor could even rival the quality of the large 1'' models found on some Chinese smartphones. When we also know that the iPhone 15 Pro Max should be equipped with a periscope lens with x6 optical zoom, we can expect great photographic capabilities for this new model.