Consumers are spending less on streaming services…

Despite record penetration for streaming services, American households are investing fewer and fewer dollars in them.

According to a recent study by Parks Associates (via mediaplaynews), internet-connected households in the US spent an average of $69 per month on video services in the third quarter of 2022, a significant drop from $90 in the first quarter of 2021 , almost 25%.

US streaming market supply saturated

A drop while the market remains saturated, with 87% of connected American households subscribing to at least one streaming service. Today, 45% of households subscribe to at least four streaming platforms. To see now if the situation in vogue in the United States will be repeated in Europe in the future.

The floor to Elizabeth Parks, president of Parks Associates

“Consumers are trying out new services — they're going in and out based on the sports season, fresh content offerings, and bundle and discount offers,” said Elizabeth Parks, president of Parks Associates. Currently, we see that 32 million American households are switching between various services, and retention and turnover will continue to pose challenges for the industry.”