Apple smartphone champion in France… And elsewhere?

Country by country, between Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi -but also the others--which smartphone brands are popular with locals?

The Consumer Insights study by Statista surveyed thousands of smartphone users in several countries throughout 2022 to find out which brand was preferred by each population. Thus for France, the iPhone wins with 35% of Apple users, followed by Samsung with 32%. Next come the Chinese Xiaomi and Huawei with 11% and 8% respectively.

United States, China and South Korea, the prophet brands in their country

Apple is also the leader in the United States, while Samsung dominates in Korea, and Xiaomi and especially Huawei win over 43% of the Chinese market. Results that show a national preference for the local builder.

Contrast situation according to the countries in the rest of the world

Samsung also dominates in Germany, Brazil and South Africa. On the other hand, no big winner stands out in countries like Spain, Mexico and India: none of the four main brands exceeds 25% of the population there. An even more special case for India where these four leaders -Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei- together only reach 55% of users, showing the importance of "small" manufacturers in this region.