Apple Watch Ultra blue anodized signed De Billas Lux

Get the bling on your wrist with a pimped Apple Watch Ultra, dressed all in blue and accompanied by a gold bracelet.

Russian company Caviar isn't alone in modifying iPhones and other gadgets to turn them into completely unrestrained luxury items. Jeweler De Billas Lux is also in the business, although it can be credited with the benefit of subtlety.

Apple Watch Ultra in new shades

As proof, this Apple Watch Ultra with a blue anodized titanium case of the most beautiful effect. The De Billas process thus makes it possible to give several new colors to Apple's connected watch, even if the company is still struggling to make black, a color apparently in high demand by customers.

Apple Watch Ultra with a gold-plated bracelet

In addition to this beautiful blue, the Digital Crown is anodized in gold, and the action button - retaining its orange outline - also becomes blue. Finally, note that the watch comes with a gold-plated bracelet. Guide price: $1,499, "only" $700 more than the original model.