The Man on Fire movie starring Denzel Washington will become a Netflix series

Tony Scott's 2004 film Man on Fire will become an 8-episode series commissioned by Netflix.

It will be more precisely an adaptation of the eponymous novel by AJ Quinnell published in 1980 which inspired Tony Scott's cult film with Denzel Washington and the very young Dakota Fanning. There is also a previous version of Man on Fire, a Franco-Italian film co-written and directed by √Člie Choura, released in 1987 with Scott Glen. The latter, although very good, did not enjoy the same success as Scott's film.

The showrunner of the Halo series at the helm

Kyle Killen (Fear Street, showrunner of the Halo series) has been assigned to write the screenplay, he will be the showrunner of the series based on the first two novels by AJ Quinnell. The novel and the films tell the story of John Creasy, a former CIA agent who, called by his old friend Rayburn, is offered an unexpected job: bodyguard for little Pita Ramos, daughter of industrialist Samuel Ramos. Source: The Hollywood Reporter