Apple: towards a voice recognition adapted to stuttering

Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, voice assistants will be more tolerant of users with stuttering.

Apple and stuttering, two terms already associated, and the last time it was not necessarily in a positive way. But this time, the outcome of this combination should be beneficial since it can give a helping hand to the 80 million people affected by stuttering in the world, as long as they use a voice assistant.

Siri soon more attentive?

Indeed, the Siri, Alexa and other assistants lack tolerance in the face of these speech problems: either they do not understand the words, or they no longer listen to the user who has not had time to scroll his sentence. A researcher working on accessibility features at Apple, Colin Lea published a study in March 2023 explaining the changes to be made to Apple's voice recognition algorithm -used by Siri- so that it adapts to people who stutter.

The tests conducted for the study were conclusive, with a 79% reduction in interruptions of "too long" sentences and a word recognition rate improved by 10 to 25%. It remains to be seen when Apple will implement these improvements in Siri, although we doubt it will be to much fanfare.