Farewell Metavers, hello Artificial Intelligence

After betting everything on the Metavers, Meta - formerly Facebook - corrects the situation and redirects itself to the AI.

At the end of 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta. A highly symbolic choice since the company then promised to build the “Metaverse”, a shared virtual universe, supposed to become the internet of the future…

Meta drinks the cup with virtual reality and the Metaverse

But not everything went as planned, and after a financial downturn on the virtual reality side, as well as the recent advent of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms from the competition -chatGPT, Midjourney and others- Meta is reviewing its copy .

Meta, 10,000 more layoffs and change of course to AI

Thus, in a recent letter to its employees, in addition to the announcement of the layoff of 10,000 additional people, the CEO of Meta -Mark Zuckerberg- indicates that the focus will now be on "efficiency" within the company . In concrete terms, where the majority of Meta's investments previously went to building the Metaverse, they will now be redirected to the AI.

The word to Mark Zuckerberg, boss of Meta

Zuckerberg says he wants to integrate AI into all Meta products to help app users "express themselves and discover new content." Additionally, the new AI tools will help engineers internally "program better and faster."