Virtual Reality, stagnant sales but increasing use

The market for virtual reality headsets is not experiencing strong growth despite increasingly immersed users.

Cloud communication solution providers, the company Plume recently conducted a study among its users who own virtual reality (VR) headsets, among the 2.2 billion devices managed by the company worldwide. Specifically, Plume compared the use of Wi-Fi connected VR headsets between the first half of 2021 and the same period in 2022.

Sales of virtual reality headsets still sluggish but use on the rise for equipped households

It shows that equipped households did not acquire new headsets over this period of time, with even a marginal decrease of 0.9% per household on average. However, an increase in the use of VR data is observed, with +83.9%. The number of hours spent on VR is also progressing, even if it is only 0.9%. Plume concludes that VR enthusiasts use applications that are increasingly rich in data transfer rates and therefore in quality. Finally, we learn that Meta is the dominant manufacturer, with 99.7% of helmets coming from the company in homes managed by Plume. Source: Advanced Television